The String

The Only thing you can improve is how long it takes until you try it again

You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems

I am having trouble to deal with failure.

Permamotivation: Permaculture applied to motivation Deliberated Serendipity Digital Gardening

Casey Neistat tattoo|100

Is like in the movie Memento. You also forget your purpose and start acting by some sort of momentum.

Can you affect your environment in such a way that it hints you to stay on track? The String.


The only thing you can have an effect on is the environment. You are limited to change your behaviour relying in will-power alone.

We embodied the surrounding We model the room and we are prompt to do the actions() that are enable within the given situation

Mental Model ###todo insert trigger fails picture. pinterest/Inphographic/Mental-Model

Connecting the dots