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@agent Rick and Morty Mr. Meeseeks & Mr. Meeseeks Box Cursor - Sweezy Custom  Cursors

Delegation Project Streamline the process of building a new team.

  • Defined Idea
    • Figma
      • Concept
      • Wireframe
  • Find competent candidates Google Form
  • Choose most promising (balanced team) TEAM DATABASE
  • Discord
  • Kickoff. (deliverables, deadlines, PROJECT MANAGMENT)
  • Autogenerated landing page
  • Sign in with Google / waiting-list
  • Presentation?
  • Design Thinking 🔁
  • VC door knocker

Ideazz an @ideazz_agent could launch gptengeneer, create GitHub repository template taken in consideration the stack of software that your team is familiar with (you know this thanks to your google form - team formation), This would hello world a website with user dabase ready to test. Github actions for test. Github projects with generated initial tasks based on the feature list. additionally creating figma project and invite team

Personal Agent


lets say we have a @agent_name here in obsidian. You could say: @agent_name please: 1 check if there are any new hackathons that I’d like to participate. 2 ask me which one I’d like to join from your top 3 picks 3 Start contacting relevant people to form a team - Google form - Prove of commitment (click here once day) (figure of fight club: people waiting to enter the house) - Post linkedin - Onboarding email

4 Instance @hackathon_blueprint_action right here in obsidian?: github maybe? (repository and projects), figma, Sheets, Discord 5 Create status log page



import requests
import json
from datetime import datetime
import pandas as pd
# Send a GET request to the API
response = requests.get('')
# Convert the response to JSON
data = json.loads(response.text)
# Get the current date and time
now =
# Initialize an empty list to store the details of the upcoming hackathons
upcoming_hackathons = []
# Iterate over the events
for event in data['props']['pageProps']['sortedEvents']:
    # Convert the start time of the event to a datetime object
    start_time = datetime.strptime(event['startAt'], '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%fZ')
    # Check if the event is a hackathon and it is upcoming
    if event['type'] == 'HACKATHON' and start_time > now:
        # Extract the details of the hackathon
        hackathon = {
            'name': event['name'],
            'description': event['description'],
            'start_time': event['startAt'],
            'end_time': event['endAt'],
            'image_link': event['imageLink'],
            'thumbnail_link': event['thumbnailLink'],
            'signup_active': event['signupActive'],
            'teams_active': event['teamsActive'],
            'participants_limit': event['participantsLimit'],
            'team_members_limit': event['teamMembersLimit']
        # Add the hackathon to the list of upcoming hackathons
# Convert the list of upcoming hackathons to a DataFrame
hackathons_df = pd.DataFrame(upcoming_hackathons)
# Save the DataFrame to a CSV file
#hackathons_df.to_csv('upcoming_hackathons.csv', index=False)
import os
base_filename = 'upcoming_hackathons.csv'
index = 1
new_filename = base_filename
while os.path.exists(new_filename):
    index += 1
    new_filename = f'upcoming_hackathons{index}.csv'
# Now, new_filename contains the first available filename with a counting index
# You can save your DataFrame with this new filename
hackathons_df.to_csv(new_filename, index=False)

another ideazz is the in the next year, there will be a need for a product that can take all the unstructured and fragmented data that people hop on their notes and junk kit and transform it into a cohesive place. That might be a mix of embeddings. There is a product where you can drag in all the relevant data and output is structured list of products and ideas and to do’s. Do you want where you could populate your calendar and even find people worth collaborating with. This collection also serves as a balcony, the points to the corners of the Internet, that the best extend your ideas. This is a cool, tedious task, which means that you have to you have to give me fired or make it fun in someway engaging. What process would be great to transform into a great phone Ideazz



Alternatives to Tavily. what is the best performing research-gpt?