What The World Needs, Ideazz, Generative UI an inspiring website would be one large dashboard that collects many APIs into a single site. Open source, Modular, Agentic AI updating (averaging different sources). If error, it creates an issue automatically. rather than having a map displayed consider creating annimations on_hover(). Add latest update. Atmospheric companion. Displayed changes that give a sense of there was a recent update on a number (bombs fallwen for example)(cognitive bias risk)

(bringing together some , OurWorldInData, etc) We could have different areas:



  • Biomasses change
  • CO2 diviation from prediction
  • Temperature Preciction
  • Thermodinamical Energy Consumed
  • Sources of Energy


  • Total Compute / per capita(?)
  • Total GB stored
  • AGI countdown
  • collective p(doom)
  • ASI countdown
  • Models ELO and other live statistics
  • Neuralinks population
  • Current people in space
  • Current Clustering level (connectednes)
  • English vs others
  • Lines of code written by machines vs Humans
  • Words produced by humans vs Machines


  • Projected population
  • at risk of collapse


  • Least Democratic


  • Bombs detonated
  • Conflict areas
  • Histogram
  • Change Delta
  • Lives Lost


  • GDPs
  • Reachest
  • Inequality index (delta?)
  • Poorest Countries


  • Solar Storm
  • Most likely earthquackes
  • Count of Asteroids in course to earth
  • Magnetic Pole Axes
  • Collective p(doom)
  • Cognitive Biases by impact.


  • Pandemic
  • Latest know pathogen
  • Cancer, Cardio, etc
  • Child mortality

Global Goals stats

  • UN
  • Countdown to Zero Poverty
  • Countdown cars electric
  • Countdown Internet Access
  • Count


  • Milky way
  • Sun
Dashboard in Figma:
![[Screenshot 2024-03-28 at 18.12.02.png]]