Ideazz, Smart Home Ideas, behavioural software So, in the next years, there will be a demand for people who have lost the ability to do what they want to do. There are apps that are stealing the agency of people, and in the same way that there are parents worry for the kids because they are abusing a drug at some point they will be a lot of people completely blinded by, bad habits not related to drugs directly. I always have said that if I had a person that would prove OK physical harm, I’ll throw up my life would truly improve physical harm every time that I am not doing what I’m supposed to do so imagine having some sort of business model where people can get intern there they can explain what the issue is and you can rewire create a behavioral program where you would monitor what they’re doing with their device and understand what they are supposed to do what is the work that they have to do and of course kind of a mix between being voluntary a beginning but at the same time being trap like almost by choice and of course, at some point, they will also want to leave but they won’t be able to because the sign, you could try to research what are the ways to rewire the brain perhaps this with food right let’s say that you create a program that they have to I don’t know. Check the email for the food to be unlocked that way probably you are rewiring the hunters brain to work on your behalf.

  • executive disfunction
  • addiction
  • Align what you Say, what you THINK and what you DO.
  • What you plan, What you hypothesis what you measure
  • What you delegate what you pay for. What you risk, What you ROI